We're Certified!

We are officially certified!!

Every last paper, every last training, every last interview and meeting and photo and line of text are turned in, checked off, in place, done...FINISHED!

What a undertaking it has been.

This whole process started back in April, when we attended our first meeting at Bethany Christian Services and decided to say an emphatic, "YES!" to all God was calling us to through adoption. And now, four months later, here we are - certified. No more background checks or trainings. No more DMV reports or doctor sign offs. No more home study interviews or required reading. Just one, wide open future, waiting to see how God's plan unfolds in our lives. 

And not only that...we're FULLY FUNDED.

You guys, this is where I start crying.

If there was anything we questioned about this decision or worried about along the way, it was fundraising. Adoption is incredibly expensive and so we knew early on that there was no way we'd be able to do this on our own. And we HATE asking for help. Especially, given that so many people in our community had, just one year prior, given so generously to help us pay for our medical bills after Titus passed away. We felt so uncertain and guilty about asking for help again. Ironically though, it was also our grief this last year that taught us the value of asking for help and the importance of allowing people to give it (our little Ty guy is in all the details, isn't he?).

I'll never forget the advice my sister Jaci gave me last year when I was struggling with needing so much help, "Hannah, don't un-invite people to your grief." I didn't realize that by not accepting help when I needed it most, I was effectively telling people that they couldn't walk this road alongside me. And that was the opposite of what I wanted! Similarly, with our adoption, we decided that not asking for help would be essentially uninviting people to our celebration and joy! 

So we asked for help, and in one month flat, we raised the full $29,950 we needed.

Every. Single. Penny. Given so sacrificially to support our family and shower this child with love and acceptance (even before we know who they are...that blows my mind!). I am completely at a loss. Astounded by the generosity and kindness of our community and the power of God to provide!

So will you raise a glass and celebrate with us??

Cheers to officially becoming a fully-funded, ACTIVE FAMILY!

Cheers to YOU for supporting us and praying for us - accepting our invitation to walk this road together.

And most of all, cheers to moving forward - one step at a time - toward the future and the hope God has for us! 

Now grab a seat with that glass and enjoy our adoption video :)

Our agency gives every family the option to create an online profile through their website. This is a place where expectant parents can browse through information about waiting families. We created a video as part of our online profile in hopes that it will allow expectant parents to get to know us better and understand our heart behind adoption. Take a look!