You guys! We've got some big news...we're ADOPTING!

I can't even write this blog post without MAJOR tears because, oh my goodness, we serve such a BIG God. And Kent and I would not be where we are without His leading in our lives. 

For those of you who haven't been following our story, here's a little background:

On March 18, 2017 our son Titus was born. Our excitement and joy quickly disappeared when we realized he wasn't breathing, and after extensive measures to resuscitate him, he never regained consciousness. We said hello and goodbye to our precious little boy all in a matter of minutes. 

Throughout the journey of grief this last year, one of the things that kept tugging at our hearts was, "What are we going to do with all this baby stuff?" We hated that all of our son's brand new things were going to waste and we knew God wanted to redeem them from symbols of loss to symbols of hope. It was then that God put adoption on our hearts. We feel so strongly that our firstborn son's inheritance was always meant for an adopted child.

Losing Titus has also given us an enormous empathy for birth parents because we feel like birth parents ourselves - placing our son in Jesus care, not being able to raise him, but knowing that he's whole and happy and has everything he needs up in heaven. We're walking the line of sorrow and joy on a daily basis and understand the tension of holding grief and hope together in one hand. We know what a courageous choice it is to entrust your child to someone else. And so it is with great appreciation and anticipation that we've decided to start the adoption process.

The same God that's adopted us into his eternal family has pressed adoption upon our hearts; that is the God we seek to emulate in loving our children, however they come to us and however long they are with us. He's given us hope so that we can share that hope in the middle of brokenness and loss. And so that we can love without limits - any child he places in our family.

We already have so many stories of God's faithfulness and encouragement every step of the way. It's as if He and Titus are up in heaven jumping up and down, cheering us on saying, "Yes! Yes! We're so excited you're doing this! Keep going!" 


I know you probably have so many questions - so we've tried to answer the big one's below. 

What Kind of Adoption? 

We've decided to move forward with Domestic Infant Adoption. This means we'll be adopting a baby locally in California. What's unique about this kind of adoption is that most likely we will have the opportunity to walk alongside an expectant mama, which is one the the things we're most looking forward to! 

Who are We Adopting Through?

We're adopting through a national private Christian agency called Bethany Christian Services. We've been blown away by their expertise, love, care, and Christ-centered focus. We're more than confident in their leadership throughout this process. 

How Long Does the Process Take? 

On average it takes about two years, but it could be much shorter or much longer. We're ready to trust in God's perfect timing. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The whole process through Bethany costs $29,950. That's an overwhelming number when you look at it as a whole, but thankfully it's not all due at once. Our friends and family have already been so incredibly generous and we have only $8,000 left to raise!

Where are We at in the Process?

Kent and I are currently in the middle of our Home Study.

A Home Study is a review of us, our family, and our home environment to determine whether our family and home would be suitable for a child. This requires 4 meetings with our social worker (which started on June 15th!)

Once we are Home Study approved, we'll officially be "on the list" and Bethany's pregnancy counselors will be able to start showing our profile to expectant mothers. 

What about Biological Children?

We would love to have more biological children! Unlike many families who choose to adopt, we are not experiencing infertility. In fact, we hope and pray for another biological child some day and feel strongly that experiencing another pregnancy will be an integral part of our healing. But right now, we feel God’s leading to grow our family through adoption.

How Can You Support Us?

In PRAYER! Please start praying now for the expectant parent(s) that might come across our profile; pray that God specifically starts preparing our birth mama's heart right now and that He would give her comfort and so much clarity about her decision. And lastly, for us! For our hearts to be patient as we wait on God's timing and that His Name would be glorified through us and through this process.  


We're so excited for all God is going to do through this process. Thank you so much for your love and support of our little family. It's hard to put into words how grateful we truly are. 

Now, without further ado...let's bring baby H home!!