Goodbye 2016

2016 was such a big year for our family. And I mean BIG.

That’s kind of why I’m not surprised that I’m just now sitting down to write my yearly “Goodbye” blog post…7 days into February. Oops!

But it’s also why I knew I had to. There are so many rich, meaningful memories tucked into each year that we forget about while we live in the present. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to go back and relive these memories – the highs and the lows – and be reminded of how much life we’ve lived, how GOOD God is, and how much we have to look forward to this next year. So here we go!

In 2016…

Our nephew grew up before our very eyes! From fun dates at the park to helping me walk Harvey, this kid’s personality just grows and grows (and so does our love for him)!

Baby sis graduated from college and moved less than a mile away from us in Long Beach. I now live within a mile of both my sisters! What a dream!

In June, we traveled to Maui for Kent’s brother, Scott’s wedding and spent a few days there with our Hagen family.

We found out my older sis, Jaci is expecting again!

And went on a family camping trip in the Sierras where we made lots of s’mores and Kent introduced me to the concept of sleeping in a tent.

In July, we found out we are pregnant (more on that to come)!! And celebrated 3 years of marriage.

Both Kent and I got promotions at work. He’s now a Manager overseeing the Digital Marketing team at MEC and I’m working on the Worship & Arts team at our church as a Creative Arts Director.

Kent surprised me with a trip to Mammoth for my birthday weekend, where we soaked up the fresh, cold mountain air and Harvey played in the snow.

We found out my baby sis, Tessie is pregnant. (Brace yourselves…all three Perry girls are expecting!)

We visited my family in Denver, getting spoiled beyond belief by their love and attention (and the fresh snow!).

Went to Joshua tree with friends to “rest into the new year” with ice cream, naps, reading, and hiking.

We celebrated more friends’  weddings, new babies, and engagements.

We’ve gone to numerous doctors appointments and birthing classes. Enjoyed day-long dates and lazy nights. Stayed up way too late at small group. Cried when friends moved away. Found new hobbies and rekindled our love for old ones.

We’ve fallen more in love with each other than we ever thought possible.

But most of all, we’ve learned how to be more reliant on our Savior in every way. With all the unknowns, every celebration and surprise, all the hardships and frustrations, with both the draining days and life-giving days. He is our Constant, our Anchor, our Solid rock, our Provider, our Comforter, our Hope and our Joy.

When our bank account is empty, when our energy is gone, when our emotions are frayed and our patience wears thin. When we live those moments we would never take pictures of, but will remember forever.

He is there.

And that is why we can look back and celebrate EVERY memory. If only to see His presence more clearly than we did before. His pen to paper, writing each chapter, infusing His purpose into every detail.

I can’t wait to see what He writes for us this next year! I have a feeling it’ll be the best one yet!

So here we go 2017! The Hagens are ready for you. Bring it on!