Goodbye 2015

We’re already six days into the new year and I realized I have yet to post our “Goodbye to 2015” blog! Oops. Great start to the year, Hannah. Way to be on top of things. But better late than never right?

This year has been quite the challenge for us, but as I look back over all that has happened, I am reminded of how good God is and how much I have to be thankful for. Life might not always be how I picture it and my expectations might set me up for disappointment at times, but there is always, always, a little bit of sweet that comes with the bitter.

And one of those sweet treats is that 2015 was definitely a year of travel!

DENVER, CO // We started the year out in Denver, Colorado for my Grandpa Perry’s 80th birthday bash and welcomed the new year with my extended Perry family. It was one of the coldest weeks and we enjoyed a balmy high of 3 degrees for most of the trip.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA // Then, Kent and I took a road trip to San Francisco – just because! We explored the city like we were little kids – eating taffy and people watching.

BIG ISLAND, HI // In July, we got on a jet plane and set out for Hawaii. We spent 8 glorious days reconnecting and refocusing, drank way too many Lava Flows, and got way too sun burned. You can read more about that here.

SPOKANE, WA // In August, we spent a long weekend in Spokane, Washington visiting good friends. Nothing, not even all the fires in Washington that week, could keep us off lake Coeur d’Alene. We relived some of the best memories we will ever have, (including visiting the dock where Kent got down on one knee). It was a trip that reminded us of all the goodness that grounds us, the gift of long lasting friendships and the sanctity of shared memories.

GRAND CANYON, AZ // This year, we’ve come full circle in many ways as we celebrated my Grandpa Basta’s 80th birthday in Arizona at the Grand Canyon and welcomed the new year with my extended Basta family. And we survived!! the even colder ONE degree weather with football games in the parking lot and warm toasts for our Gramps and to the New Year.

In addition to travel, this year we…

MOVED // from Lakewood to Long Beach, to a new apartment that has quickly become our safe haven, a breath of fresh air, an answer to prayer. Read more about it here.

WORKED // Kent worked his butt off and got his first promotion. He has learned so much about his field and shown such intense drive and talent. I took a leap of faith, and a step closer to a career in writing, with a second job freelancing for a company in Colorado. For 15 hours a week I write bios for children all over the world who need sponsorships.

CELEBRATED // We celebrated our nephew, Clay’s 1st birthday with tacos and cake at the park – soaking up every smile, squeal, and screech.  Totally LOVING learning how to be an Uncle and Auntie to this adorable, sweet, and silly little babe. We’ve celebrated new babies, new engagements, new experiences. We went to wedding after wedding (7 to be exact) for sweet friends and family. And we smiled and shed tears as they promised each other forever, remembering sweetly our own vows and the beautiful weight they hold. We celebrated 2 YEARS of marriage. And while reflecting on how, in many ways, this second year has been harsh and unforgiving, it has strengthened our commitment to each other and deepened our love.

And we’ve experienced both the…

BITTER & SWEET // We’ve struggled to connect, let work get way too busy, fought, made up, and done it all again. We’ve gotten up early to squeeze in intentional time with the Lord and each other. We’ve learned faithfulness in the work place and in home life. We’ve challenged each other, encouraged each other, frustrated each other. We’ve taken naps with Clay and walks with Harvey. Visited the dog beach, talked about our dreams, supported friends and set goals, celebrated birthdays and babysat. We’ve snuggled, a lot. We’ve laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe and hugged so tight we couldn’t breathe either.

We’ve missed loved ones. A lot. But kept their memory strong and their traditions alive.

We’ve missed opportunities and missed each other.

But through it all, we’ve grown more determined, taken ourselves a little less seriously, learned to feel more deeply, love more fully.

We’ve grown and changed so much this year – and yet, we’re still us, and God is still God. He’s been our unwavering, steady, lighthouse in the storm.

As I look back over the year, I am blown away.

May this next year bring more of the same wonderFULL, messy thing we call life and may we seek first our Savior and His glory in all things. May we be more intentional in our relationships and more connected to each other. And may we experience the fullness of being wholly and completely loved, for exactly who we are, as we are, every single day.

So here we go 2016! The Hagens are ready for you. Bring it on!