My sweet Kent is a fixer.

I remember one weekend last year, at about this time, we went back home to Simi Valley to see my grandparents who were visiting. After some chatter and hugs the whole family piled into cars and headed to lunch. At the restaurant, we chose a table outside, but the air was chilly and my nephew Clayton, who was only months old at the time, started to fuss (one thing I’ve learned since becoming an auntie is that babies like things very, very warm). So Clayton started to wake up and we couldn’t figure out how to work the heaters on the patio. Then Kent popped up from his chair and after taking a quick look at the heater, flipped a couple switches, turned a nob or two and voila! warmth started radiating toward us.

Kent’s propensity to fix what’s broken is one of my most favorite things about him. There’s great security is knowing that my husband is not only good at fixing things – he loves to fix things.

But he can’t fix everything.

That same year, I remember being so excited when January came around. New year, new months to fill with memories and happiness and butterflies… Yeah, there were no butterflies. Instead, Kent worked hour after hour of overtime. Our relationship started to suffer. And I grew more and more upset. Now, let’s be clear, Kent has the best work ethic of anyone I know. And is, to this day, a great asset to his team at the office. But this situation created a severe lack of quality time for us. There have been plenty of frustrated tears – from me  – when it comes to this situation and my husband, being the fixer he is, has done everything in his power to figure out a way to remedy it.

What I’m learning through this season is that Kent’s desire to fix things that are broken is such a wonderful illustration of God’s intention for His creation. He sent his Son to fix what we couldn’t on our own. He provided a solution where there was none. And He intends to make all things whole again.

Someday nothing will ever need fixing because nothing will ever be broken.

So the fact that Kent can’t fix everything is right and good. He’s not supposed to fix it all himself. We have a God who promises to do just that. As we wait for Him to restore us and make us whole again, things will continue to need mending. And Kent will continue to try to fix them, mirroring his Creator in the process.

And when he can’t seem to find a solution, it’s ok. Because the brokenness he can’t fix will point us time and time again to the One who promises to fix it all.